The Rambling Roots







Jun 22 Sat                Junk Yard Dogs, Brighton            


Carrying satchels brimming with songs borne from years of travel The Rambling Roots combine raw acoustic harmonies and upbeat folk tunes to create an enchanting live performance. Emma Morgan (guitar/vocals) and Adam Wilkens (guitar/vocals/all other instruments) began collaborating whilst travelling through France and Spain in an old VW Camper, adding to their repertoire as they ventured further throughout Europe, India, East Asia and finally Australia.

Once down under the duo, originally from Oxfordshire, became full-time buskers honing their skills on the streets of Melbourne, before recording their debut EP Postcards from India.

Nostalgia and homesickness yield to optimism and wonderment as cityscapes, oceans, rivers and mountains rush by. High speed captivating tales of years on the road grip you, whilst intimate and interactive live performances ensure audiences are embraced and taken along for the ride.

The Rambling Roots are now back in the UK with songs to play and stories to tell. Based in Brighton the pair are working on their debut album and playing live shows, bringing their upbeat music and intricate folk tales to new audiences.



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